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SNS Architects & Engineers, P.C.

Vision & Mission

Our vision has remained steadfast through four generations. We have and will remain dedicated to meeting our client’s needs and desires, to their building site and the environment, and to the latest materials and methods of our age.


In our pursuit of excellence, our approach is clear: to provide the best Design, Service, and Value to our clients.


Design dwells somewhere between the disciplines of science and art. Although some firms may be content with functional solutions to problems at hand, SNS responds with a design that is pragmatic, valuable, and aesthetic. We incorporate solutions with a wide variety of human, physical, and external factors; this results in spaces that bear vitality, productivity, flexibility, identity, and innovation.


With an 80% repeat clientele, we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously. Our creative staff makes opportunities out of unexpected and limiting situations. As a “can do” organization, we respond to our client’s problems rapidly, with enthusiasm, clarity, and innovation. As a firm that has grown up with developer and corporate clientele, we understand that a project is successful only when it is completed on time and within budget.


With our maturity as a firm, we know that our value to our clients is measured by the value we add to their projects. This may be by the materials or methods we select, or the innovative way we use them. Good design is good value and the results are visible. Buildings have received awards for architectural design excellence.

Dedicated to Architectural Excellence

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