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SNS Architects & Engineers, P.C.


Design Philosophy

We listen. Each project is unique and requires specific resolutions. We listen carefully. Our client's objectives and ultimate goals determine our methods and solutions so that an effective and smooth transition can be achieved between intent, execution, and realization.

Flexibility is of paramount importance in our design approach. Whether the project is large or small, the level of service and attention is the same. Each design must provide our clients with the comfort that the absolute best has been achieved; aesthetically, efficiently, and cost-effectively with rapid response and adherence to schedules.

We solve problems. Problems and unexpected conditions on a project are challenges we meet and resolve every day. It is not enough to make the most of advantageous conditions and compensate for the limitations; we enhance each project by going beyond the obvious solution and providing value that goes far beyond the fee of our services. This is done with our response to our clients’ human, physical, or external programming factors.

Projects remain cost-effective, flexible, and efficient with proper project management – a trait we have learned well in our almost six decades of practice.

We design. Teamwork and personal responsibility are ingrained in our design philosophy with projects served directly by Principals and associates; we remain “on top” of all conditions that may arise.

Dedicated to Architectural Excellence

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