Sleep Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Scarborough, New York

Sleepy Hollow Country Club is situated within the historic Vanderbilt family mansion completed in 1894. SNS Architects and Engineers, PC was retained to renovate the existing 1962 Lower Clubhouse structure which is adjacent to the Main House. The project program included the introduction of a new Lower Clubhouse exterior façade in a style more consistent with the main historic house and interior renovations of the Lobby, Member’s Grill, Lounge, Pro Shop and Women’s Locker and Toilet Room Facilities for the 550-member club.

The design developed by SNS was based on an historical interpretation of classical architecture present in the main house. The exterior façade was constructed of brick and precast concrete elements similar to the existing main house limestone elements. The interior areas were detailed with ornate cherry wall panels and columns reminiscent of the formal interior spaces of the main house.

SNS was also responsible for all FF&E, as well as lighting design throughout the interior. We also collaborated with Sleepy Hollow Country Club’s Landscape Architect on the extensive site work renovation.

The four-million-dollar project was constructed in two phases over two off-season winter periods.

Design dwells somewhere between the disciplines of science and art.  Although some firms may be content with functional solutions to problems at hand, SNS responds with designs that are pragmatic, valuable and aesthetic.  We incorporate solutions with a wide variety of human, physical, and external factors; this results in spaces that bear vitality, productivity, flexibility, identity and innovation.

With an 80% repeat clientele, we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously.  Our creative staff makes opportunities out of unexpected and limiting situations.  As a “can do” organization, we respond to our clients’ problems rapidly, with enthusiasm, clarity and innovation.  As a firm that has grown up with a developer and corporate clientele, we understand that a project is successful only when it is completed on time and on budget.
As part of a mature firm, we know that our value to our clients is measured by the value we add to their projects.  This may be by the materials or methods we select, or the innovative way we use them.  Good design has greater value and the results are visible.

We listen. Each project is unique and requires specific resolutions.

We listen carefully. Our clients’ objectives and ultimate goals determine our methods and solutions so that an effective and smooth transition can be achieved between intent, execution and realization.

Flexibility is of paramount importance in our design approach. Whether the project is large or small, the level of service and attention is the same. Each design must provide our clients with the comfort that the absolute best has been achieved; aesthetically, efficiently and cost effectively with rapid response and adherence to schedules.

We solve problems. Problems and unexpected conditions on a project are challenges we meet and resolve every day. It is not enough making the most of advantageous conditions and compensating for the limitations; we enhance each project by going beyond the obvious solution and provide value that goes far beyond the fee of our services.

This is done with our response to our clients’ human, physical or external programming factors.

By listening to our clients’ objectives and understanding our clients’ goals, we synthesize program and form, materials and methods with creativity and innovation to provide spaces of vitality and identity.

Such spaces remain cost effective, flexible, and efficient with proper project management – a trait we have learned well in our almost five decades of practice.

We design. Teamwork and personal responsibility are ingrained in our design philosophy with projects served directly by Principals and associates; we remain “on top” of all conditions that may arise.

We are collaborative. Relationships with our consultants and close coordination of their work result in excellence of the end product.

We are contingent on the mutual trust and respect of our team members and our clients. The success of the project and the level of satisfaction of our clients is the reason for our professional longevity and our continuing success.