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SNS Architects & Engineers, PC has been providing Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design, Planning and Graphic Design services to public and private sectors for over 57 years. SNS is responsible for the design completion of over 50 million square feet of varied facilities throughout the United States, several of which have received awards for architectural design excellence. We provide extraordinary design for academic facilities, corporate headquarters, commercial office buildings, retail facilities, research laboratories, parking structures, hospitals, institutional facilities, manufacturing facilities, warehousing and distribution centers.  Each client and project is unique and requires attention particular to it. SNS Architects & Engineers, PC looks to crystalize your vision into three-dimensional form creating state-or-the-art environments that are stimulating, innovative and complementary to your cultural blueprint. After all, good design is at once pragmatic, gives meaning and thrills our lives.

  • Building Reviews and Analysis
  • Zoning and Building Code Analysis
  • Schematic Studies
  • Design Development and Outline Specifications
  • Construction Drawings and Construction Specifications
  • Bid Evaluations and Contract Award Assistance
  • Administration of the Construction Contract
  • Field Inspection and Construction Progress Review
  • Certification of Contractor’s Applications for Payment
  • Project Completion Review
  • Preparation of Project Closeout Documents
  • ADA Compliance Reports
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Site Planning and Analysis Zoning Reviews
  • Storm Drainage Analysis and Specifications
  • Storm Water Management Design
  • Sanitary Sewerage Analysis and Design
  • Grading – Cut and Fill Analysis and Design
  • Landscape Development
  • Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Regulatory Agencies – Approvals & Permitting Process
  • Subdivision Work
  • Site Lighting
  • Parking Analysis and Layout
  • Site Access and Roadway Design
  • Detention/Retention Facilities
  • Bridge and Culvert Design
  • Stream Encroachment
  • Building Frame Analysis and Design
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Building Foundation
  • Equipment Support
  • Machine Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Pile and Caisson Foundations
  • Spread Footings and Mat Design
  • Retaining Walls
  • Subterranean Structures
  • Conveying Systems Support
  • Parking Structures Design
  • Precast Concrete Design
  • Post-Tension Structure Design
  • Programming
  • Tenant Planning and Improvements
  • Space Layout
  • Inventory Evaluation
  • Budget Development
  • Color/Material Selections
  • Custom Fixtures Design
  • Furniture Selection &Specifications
  • Lighting Design
  • Acoustical Design
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Selection
  • Communication Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Bidding and Evaluation Assistance
  • Purchasing Consultation
  • Contract Administration
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